Cabin Cruiser Covers

Cabin Cruiser Boat Covers

$320.60 NZD


With a profile cut to accommodate cabins, the Cabin Cruiser Cover offers your boat protection from the elements when stored or trailered. 
    • Specially designed to fit cabin cruiser boats

    • Tailored profile cut to accommodate cabin

    • Fits boats with bow-rails up to 400 in height and windscreen/cabin up to 900mm in height

    • Rated for highway towing use up to 100km/h

Available in 6 sizes (measurements refer to boat length):

4.7-5.0m (M14122A)

5.0-5.3m (M14122)

5.3-5.6m (M14123)

5.6-5.9m (M14124)

5.9-6.3m (M14125)

6.3-6.7m (M14126)

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