Ceramic Heater 12v


The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Ceramic Heater uses technology that provides a safe, powerful and energy efficient way to heat your boat or motorhome.

This unit reaches temperatures as high as 110°C, includes a specially treated grill to reduce the risk of heat build-up and burn related injury. It features 3 function settings of fan, heater, or fan and heater; High and Low Fan Speed Control options. As well as a swivel Base to angle the fan/heater up or down for maximum comfort.

12V PTC ceramic heater.  Often used when your main motor is going continuously and charging the battery, (with a launch or truck) situation, because of the relatively high amperage used.

It will need its own power supply power cord, not via an existing switch panel as 25amp is generally more than a basic panel is suited for. If extending the wires of the actual unit, simply give us the length of cable from the heater to your battery and we can calculate the sqmm size wire you will need.  Most folk run their motor when using the heater as power usage is a concern on 12v.   

Dimensions: 120 x 200 x 170 mm.

Power: DC 12V 300W  (approx 25amp)