Water Resistant Contact Adhesive


Water Resistant Contact Adhesive

Conventional contact adhesive that requires being brushed or spread on both surfaces independently.

Each surface must be allowed to get tacky and then the two surfaces are pressed together.

Ideal for gluing non- skid decking material where it may have to be lifted at a future date and a conventional epoxy glue would not allow this.

Also ideal for gluing wall lining, carpet and insulation.

Water resistance: Good

Oil Resistance: Moderate

Temperature Range: Satisfactory to 150°C(Used on PVC – 40°C)

Working time: 5 - 20 minutes

Thinners: Bostik No 2 or No 4 Solvent

Cleaner: Bostik No 3 or No 1 (Vinyl)

Flash Point: -22°C Highly flammable

Coverage: 4-9 sq. metres per litre on one surface depending on the absorbency of the surface and method of application.

Part Numbers 26112,26113,26114,26115,26116