Copper Strap 25ft x 50mm


COPPER STRAP 25ft x 50mm

Making RF ground connections within a vessel is best achieved using copper strap rather than stranded copper wire, as surface area of the ground conductor is the critical factor. Our copper strap is 2" wide and .01" thick.

It is flexible and easily conforms to hull contours for ground paths between SSB tuner and ground points such as ground shoes (described above) or engine blocks. Copper ground strap is ideal for creating a counterpoise or RF ground system in non-metallic boats by allowing you to effectively bond all large metal objects together such as engines, rudders, keels, water tanks, etc.

Also occasionally used with single side band radios to connect the outside of the hull ground plate (normally bronze with bolts going to the inside) from those bolts on the inside of the hull to the ssb radio.