NavPod Sail Pod screen mount 370 x 275mm usable face suits 241mm wide 1" guard rail


SailPods are for mounting a single Radar or Chartplotter at the helm for Navigation at your finger tips… “Where you need it, when you need it.”

SailPods are the smart solution for mounting your Radar or Chartplotter at the helm where you can easily operate and clearly see the fine details of the screen.

NavPods have a high gloss finish, giving you a clean mounting solution while concealing unsightly wires. Nickel Chrome-Plated tamper-resistant screws provide a little bling and a lot of security. Designed with a double gasket waterproof seal, NavPods protect your electronics from the harshest of wet offshore boating conditions.

A SailPod is best mounted on a Single Bend AngleGuard, or on the angled section of a Double Bend Angle Guard with an InstrumentPod mounted above it on the straight section.


395mm wide x 300mm high x 200mm deep and suits a 9.5" (241mm) wide guard rail


Stainless guard rail not included.