Raymarine SeaTalk NG (STng) Network connectors


STng Tee Piece for adding single white 'spur' to the network  (A06028) (24013I)

STng 5 Way Connector for adding up to 3 white spur cables or power to network (A06064) (24013R)

STng Backbone extender SeaTalkng Extender joins two sections of blue backbone cable. (A06030) ((24013S)

STng  Blanking Plug seals off unused spur connection in tee or 5 way connector(A06032) (24013T)

STng Terminator required at each end of STng network (A06031) (24013Q)

When planning a SeaTalkng network, the backbone cable lengths should be planned to allow for junctions at each location where a spur cable will be attached. Backbone cables should not be cut or spliced.