Washers Countersunk cup washer


Countersunk Washers are excellent options where the load of a screw needs to be spread over a larger area.
Moulded from a high strength glass reinforced nylon composite eliminating the corrosion problems associated with metallic fittings. Available in white.

    • Chemical resistant - Impervious to diesel, petrol and antifouling paints.

    • UV resistant - These fittings will not break down with ultraviolet light or discolour from the sun.

    • High quality surface finish - Will not discolour with green film as similar bronze fittings do.

  • Used a lot where fender strips or cappings require a fixing load to be spread over a greater area than the actual screw head, these have a wider outside diameter than a conventional cup washer for this purpose.

The unique benefit of these is the taper inside the washer shown enable a range of screws to fit right from an 8 guage, 10 guage, 12 guage, and 14 guage screw, all using the same size cup washer.  outside diameter = 19mm, hole diameter = 6mm.

Priced per each