Deck Filler Chrome Bronze (3 sizes)


Deck Filler Chrome New Zealand Made!

labelled fuel or water or blank This c/p deck plate is designed to simplify fuel tank installations. Chrome over bronze.

This one piece unit can simply be screwed to the deck. It has an internal BSP thread that you can run a simple hose tail into the thread underneath to attach, or the hose can go over the outside.

It is dome shaped, enabling any excess water left around to run off.

Three size available :

Part Numbers

1 1/4" bsp 32mm 12702,

1 1/2" bsp 38mm 12703,

2" bsp 50mm 12704

Some older jet boats used the 1" (25mm size, we can still get this. 

Please note - BSP sizing is the measurement of the diameter of the flow for the deck fillers corresponding hose tail.

If you are not familiar with BSP sizing, please refer to our chart in "additional images" or give us a call on 03 3843849 and we will walk you through it.