Deck Lead Turn Box – Flat mount (2 sizes) Triple


Constructed with anodised alloy black coated with nylon u.v. stabilised sheaves.

These are primarily used for redirecting halyards, guiding ropes on a flat surface or tidying where a number of ropes need to pass and lead into base location.

The sheaves are 38mm diameter for the smaller unit and 44mm for the larger. Each size have an internal ball race within the sheave to ease friction.

Fastening is through the nylon sheaves and the s/s riveted tube, thus the load is directly transmitted to the fastening bolts to give maximum strength.

For ease of handling if your area is limited in size, then they are designed so you can stack these one on top of another, a double on top of a double, or even a double on top of a triple. (triple is on a separate listing.) 

Sml - Triple sheaves 38mm diameter - accepts ropes up to 10mm diameter.                170mm Long x 40mm Wide x 24mm High 

Lge - Triple sheaves 44mm diameter - accepts ropes up to 14mm diameter.                210mm Long x 45mm Wide x 31mm High