Deks Olje #2 Teak Oil Gloss (1L and 2.5L)


Deks Olje #2 Teak Oil Gloss

The Deks Olje timber treatment has long been popular in the Scandanavian regions and it has been found to be extremely capable in New Zealand climatic conditions. Initial use of Deks Wood will restore the colour to old weathered and dirty wood. It works like an acid but is mild to use.

The next preparation is with Deks Olje which is available in a matt (Deks Olje No.1) or a gloss (Deks Olje No.2) finish.

If you wish the gloss finish, use #1 then #2. If a matt finish just use #1. It has the consistancy of mineral turps and so may be easily applied by rag, brush or roller. This ease of application tends to follow that you touch up weathered areas more often.

Even if the wood is badly affected the Deks Olje system gives amazing results.