Diver safety sausage


Diver Below Marker

Don't go in the water without an inflatable location marker. In the event you are separated from the dive boat you can be seen and identified in the water. If you are diving in areas where other boats are travelling this marker will notify your presence in the water.

It is ideal for diving with cylinders. It is easy for the diver to use, since it is especially designed so as to facilitate the diver’s moves without jeopardizing his safety. The red buoy is folded and attached with a rope (6m) inside the blue case. The case has a sewn black plastic clip on, which offers the ability to the diver to fasten the buoy on his suit for easy carrying. Additionally, the case features a whistle to use in any emergency. The buoy is made of soft PVC, 0.3mm thick, while the case is made of 1000D Polyester with PVC film, 0.5mm thick.

Dimensions: L 20cm W 8cm (packed) H 145cm W 5.8cm (inflated)

Instructions of Use: Open the case and release the buoy. Use the cylinder to provide the buoy with a small quantity of air. In this way, the pressure of the air along with the pressure of the water will make the buoy to inflate and pop up on the water surface, warning the boats that a diver will soon float at the specific point.