Dog Life Jacket


Dog Lifejacket

At last water help for your favourite canine!

While most family dogs can swim, their ability to keep swimming is limited.

Often they don't swim back to your vessel, they see safety in swimming back to shore - no matter how far!

As a guide, available in 5 sizes these pet vests in size

Extra Small (Bichon Frese) to Xtra Large (Alsatian).

Top lifting handle incorporated with soft light-weight foam incorporated.

If you are having trouble picking a size, simply send us a photo of your dog - and we will be more than happy to find the perfect fit.

X Small,  Lightweight

Small,  3.6 - 9 kg

Medium, 9 - 18 kg

Large, 18 - 36 kg

X Large, 36 - 45 kg