Drift Fishing Sea Anchor


Excellent easy to use drogue style anchor.

Suitable for fishing, or other drift applications.

Simply pop this over the side to slow rate of drift, not for high level offshore rough sea conditions, primarily designed for drift fishing use with trailerable and slightly larger craft.  If your boat is trailerable we find the windage that this type of craft has means you are better with the next size up, such as an 19ft trailerable runabout is best with the Large, as this holds more water and consequently will hold your boat better if the wind is blowing you off your fishing spot.

Constructed from heavy duty reinforced nylon.


Small - 03305A - suits boats up to 15ft.

Medium - 03306A - suits boats up to 20ft.

Large - 03307A - Suits boats up to 25ft.

XLarge - 03308A - Suits boats up to 30ft.