Dynel Cloth (1m wide)


Dynel Cloth 1M Wide. Price is per metre.

Dynel is a popular laminate fabric. Many people use it when doing museum quality restorations on wooden boats. It has the advantages of a true woven fabric, so it is strong and supple. It has no glass fibers to irritate your skin. One advantage is that Dynel has a limited amount of stretch in the fabric, which means it has more resistance to impact as it absorbs the energy, as opposed to fibreglass which has zero stretch.

Dynel fabric has very high abrasion resistance but swells in the resin. It works best if vacuum bagged or pressure molded. Dynel is commonly used for wear patches on boats, edgings on paddles, and areas that need to be protected from impact. This cloth is also used for deck coverings on wooden boats. It is a good choice anywhere that abrasion is a major issue. This Dynel Fabric retains a milky appearance when saturated rather than turning clear in the resin like fiberglass.

One thing to note when using this product is that it is a "limp" fabric, meaning it will not hold a rigid shape nearly as well as fibreglass, as Fibreglass has significantly more stiffness than Dynel.