Epoxy Resin & Hardener Norski (NZ Made) - (6 pack sizes avail)


Epoxy Resin & Hardener 421(ratio 4 :1)

Clean up with epoxy thinners. Norski is a NZ owned & operated company that makes a unique resin with a low mix viscosity to ensure good penetration & wet out.

It is a non- crystallising type resin which particularly suits extreme climates or outdoor ambient temperatures, especially in cooler regions. The unique mix allows curing at temperatures down to 2 degrees C still with a successful set off. As with most resin mixes in the 2 pot format, the first 2 hours is amongst the most critical time temperature wise.

With many boat builders working on a slipway, we find the ability to go to these lower temperatures, enables them to glue up or resin a surface and continue working on the project the following morning.

Used in conjunction with fibreglass cloth as the moisture barrier on wooden boat ability is substantial.

Coverage is approximately 2.25 square metres per litre of mixed Resin system.

The correct mixing ratio must be adhered to, varying the mix ratio will not slow or accelerate the cure time but will decrease the physical properties of the cured system. Initial cure is overnight to a sandable state, full cure in 24 hours.

Alternatively a filler powder may be added to produce an easy sand structural filler - or a glue powder for glue mix. 4:1 ratio.