Epoxy Timber Preservative. Norski


A penetrating two component preservative containing fungicides which hardens and preserves timber. Excellent for rebuilding work and where extra protection is required in new work, in bilges and behind fittings where access is limited.

Suitable for use as a primer for masonry surfaces where mould has been a problem. Application of Epoxy Filler once Timber Sealer is applied can be done to reconstitute areas where timber has rotted away. Product can be used on flooring such as chipboard to prolong its life .

Timber Preservative will kill dry rot and stabilises soft rot affected wood. Protects against fungi. Can be varnished over in areas not exposed to direct sunlight, but is best painted over. Finish is clear with a golden tinge, gloss.

Mixing ratio 1:1.

Thinning of the first coat needs to be 50% and as it is epoxy based, we use Norski epoxy thinner for this.

Part Number 26410,26411,26412,26413