EVERDURE Epoxy Timber Sealer. International Epiglass


 EVERDURE Epoxy Timber Sealer. International Epiglass

Whether you are building or refurbishing it makes good sense to protect your timbers from dry rot & water penetration.

Everdure gives double action permanent protection. The high concentration of preservatives is carried deep into the pores of the timber, along with the synthetic binder. The binder cures & becomes insoluble & a water repellant, thus locking the preservatives in & the water out. Colour is almost clear with a golden tinge, and finish is matt. Everdure does not have a UV stabiliser in it as it is a base coat. (or a finish coat in a bilge or inside a locker.) 

The cured film is resistant to diesel, petrol & lubricating oil. It contains an effective fungiside & finish is a clear non-gloss, so varnish may be applied on top of this.

 1:1 ratio (for example a 2 litre kit is made up of a 1 litre part A  and a 1 litre part B)

For best penetration needs to be thinned with Epoxy Thinners 50 - 100% first coat.