Task Light - Touch activated LED

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The F-4 series is a new generation LED task light that is the result of combining high-tech components with high-tech functionality. The F-4 incorporates a cutting-edge microcontroller with the latest high power LEDs. Use of LEDs results in miniscule power consumption, low operating temperature, vibration resistence, and extremely long life.

The high tech microcontroller allows the end-user to take complete control of his/her lighting with a simple touch of one's finger.

Task Light microcontroller performs three main functions:-

  1. Main Light - illumination with the power of 15 white LEDs and one red LED
  2. Nightlight - function from the red LED situated in the center of the board
  3. ON/OFF switching, or mode change, by touching the red LED in the middle

When the light is first connected to its power supply, a self test is performed by the intergrated micorcontroller. It is checking for proper voltage and automatically switches the LEDs into the required operating state: day mode or night mode.

The centre red LED performs the ON/OFF switching and serves as the nightlight funtion as well. The nightlight function is activated automatically when it becomes dark. It will transform from its dim stand-by mode to a full-on red light mode which is bright enough for chart reading in the dark. Nightlight function automatically deactivates when room becomes bright.

The red nightlight function can be deactivated if it is not desired.  Silver outer, not black as two of the photos show. 

Operating voltage - 24V

Luminous flux - approx. 40 lumen

150mm long with flexible gooseneck SILVER COATING.

Originally imported as a chart light, but we find these an excellant bunk light, with red light option.