Fibreglass Dorade Box



Please note the above image shows a Flexivent in use with the the Fibreglass Dorade Box. This is not included with this product, but can be supplied.

The Fibreglass Dorade Box prevents water entering the cabin when you have a full cowl vent mounted on top. The cowl captures the air flow and directs it downward, and then into the higher area of the dorade box. At that point, a simple piece of 75mm white down-pipe can be used to extend through the deck upwards, inside the higher part of the dorade box - meaning water coming in through the cowl drains out through the sides of the box.

When mounting, the higher part of the box faces foward, so the air has to speed up across the top of the box and into the cowl. A low or high profile Flexivent (pictured) fits on either.

The box, if angled towards port slightly (because of the curve of the cabin top) is simply filed out with a half-round file on the lower port side at either end to allow excess water to drain out. The four fixing points have solid resin enabling you to screw or use construction adhesive to fasten to the deck.

Ideal for mounting all of our Flexivents to give you a dry, free flow of air.

Constructed of fibreglass to avoid the movement which often cracks the conventional timber units.

You simply drill your hole to suit your vent.

Medium accepts up to 75mm

Large accepts up to 100mm flexivent.

Part numbers: 12105, 12106, 12106A

Medium - 305mm L x 175mm W x 100mm H

Large - 365mm L x 203mm W x 120 H