First Aid Kit 50.5 survey kit Coastal


50.5 Medical Stores – Scale 1. Ships that operate beyond restricted limits but not more than 100 miles from the coast.

Ships required to carry medicine, equipment and First Aid Kits

(see maritime rules at the bottom of description or click here )

    1. Medicines meeting the treatment requirement specified in Appendix 1 for scale 1
    1. The equipment specified in Appendix 1 for scale 1
    1. The First Aid Kits specified in tables 1 and 3 for scale 1 in Appendix 2
    1. A copy of the current edition of the First Aid Guide.

Antiseptic Solution 250ml
Asprin 300mg Dispersible 24’s
Betadine 25gm
Combine Dressing Assorted
Contaminated Waste” Bag
Eyepad Dressing
First Aid Waterproof Booklet
Gloves Disposable Pair
Paracetamol 20’s
Paraffin Gauze Dressing 10cm x 10cm
Plaster Fabric Dressing Strip 1mtr
Plasters assorted Pocket Mask
Safety Pins
Scissors Surgical
Skin Closure Strips 5’s
Tape Co-Plus 25mm
Tape Micropore