Flat Fenders ( 3 sizes )


U-Fend boat fenders offer excellent shock absorption when docking or tying boat to boat.  Made from hard wearing EVA closed cell foam with a non-marking PE outer, fenders won’t puncture or deflate.

The flat design prevents them from rolling or riding up and makes them easier to stow, They stack on top of one another or under a bunk.  Multiple fenders can be fastened together for longer or wider protection.

As an emergency, they can be thrown overboard as a floatation device (being closed cell foam),  if you haven't a lifebuoy life-buoy handy.

Fenders can also double as a knee pad or seat cushion.


SIZES (mm):

Small (495 x 190 x 54)

Medium (650 x 245 x 75)

Large (965 x 315 x 75)