Flushline Hatch Gebo (7 SIZES)


Gebo’s ‘FlushLine’ deckhatches offer exciting options for power and sailboats – their sleek, low-profile looks work perfectly with the smooth, flowing lines of today’s boat designs.

Adjustable friction hinges hold the hatch open in any position up to 180°, including a fully locked ventilation position. For maximum security the handles incorporate a sturdy, easy-to use
blue locking button.

With the Gebo Flushline hatches you get the best of everything: a beautiful design and full flexibility in colour and finish.

The Flushline hatches are made from finest quality seawater resistant anodised aluminium.  All other parts, including hinges and handles are also constructed from noncorrosive materials like the  smoke grey acrylic panel and the seal is made of silicone rubber.

Gebo Flushline hatches are CE Approved for Category A, Areas 2, 3 & 4.see gallery for details.