Foot Throttle with optional hand Throttle incorporated


This foot throttle is constructed from cast alloy and steel plate.  The built in cable saddle and push/pull mechanism can rotate separately from the pedal, allowing easy installation for your convenience. The pedal has an anti-skid surface for grip, durability and style. This unit features an adjustable stopper to let you limit the range of travel, so as not to put any excess strain on your cable.

Essentially it is designed for flush mounting in the floor and the cables enter from under the floor, leaving the foot pedal above floor. Jet Boat Foot Pedal Engine Control Throttle.

Incorporates secondary cable attachment for use of hand throttle.

This unit is designed to work with standard morse teleflex ultraflex 33C style engine control cables. 

It has an integral lever for a secondary cable for hand throttle which overides the foot throttle if used. If the foot throttle only is used, then the hand throttle is not activated.  All this occurs automatically, because of the design.

This is a highly mechanical item with a number of moving parts that may or may not be critical in its use, as such we recommend inspecting the workings to guard against loose fastenings and insecure cables. every oil change or every 50 hours (whichever comes first).

Measurements are approximate in picture, if you are pressed for space Contact Us and we can measure it for you.