Fuel Tank Polyethylene - 3 Gallon 11.3 Litre


Fuel Tank Polyethelene - 3 Gallon-11.3 Litre

Moulded in U.V. stabilised polyethylene, this 11.3 litre fuel tank meets ISO13591 standards.

Supplied with vented filler cap and 1⁄4" internal threaded fuel tank pick-up.

Absolute maximum measurements : 355mm long x 263mm wide x 235mm high

Moulded in U.V. stabilised polyethylene, this 11.3 litre fuel tank being smaller, has no need for a fuel gauge. Easy carrying incorporates a handle on top. Supplied complete with fuel tank pickup with 1⁄4" BSP female internal thread, to accept all our outboard male fittings.