Gas Strut Hatch Stays - 3 Sizes


Gas Support Strut

Each sold separately - comes with mounting bracket (spares available)


There are many applications on board where the assistance of a gas strut will reduce the effort required.

Struts are designed for the marine environment. Made up from all stainless hardware.

Pressurised strut, brackets and studs are all manufactured from stainless steel in order to provide long life.

Ideal for supporting storage lockers, hatches and extensions so you don't. Can be used on the exterior of your boat, motorhome, caravan or any hostile corrosive environment.

(11503A) 90mm-225mm 100N approx. 10kg lift

(11503C) 155mm-385mm 200N approx. 20kg lift

(11503E) 250mm-585mm 100N approx. 10kg lift