GME Emergency Battery Switch (EBS1)



The GME Electrophone EBS-1 is an Emergency Battery changeover Switch designed to monitor the 13.8 Volt DC output from your power supply. If the main power should fail, the EBS-1 will automatically switch a 13.8 Volt backup battery into circuit so that the power is maintained to your equipment. When the main power is restored, the EBS-1 switches back to the power supply.

The EBS-1 has been specifically designed for use with the GME Electrophone PSA1210 (10 Amp) and PSA1225 (35 Amp) power supplies, but is suitable for use with any power supplies of similar rating.

During normal operation, the 13.8 Volt backup battery is trickle charged from the main power supply. The charge rate is selected internally. Alarm terminals are also provided so that an external 12 Volt DC alarm device (buzzer or piezo alarm) can be connected to warn of the power failure.