Hatch Locker


Hinges back a  full 180 degrees.

Coloured white. (available in grey with a short delay)

These have a light anti-skid surface on the top and will stand light foot work when mounting on a horizontal surface, though primarily designed for vertical installation as an access to a small, previously unusable area.

Constructed of poly-carbonate.

Five Sizes sizes of hatches available

Small size :Cut out size required in boat 200mm x 300mm. Full outside flange area 270mm x 375mm. (11507)

Medium/Long Cut Out: size required in boat 530mm x 173mm Full outside flange area 607mm x 243mm (M4653)

Medium :Cut Out: size required in boat 300mm x 300mm.  Full Outside Flange area 375 x 370mm (11508)

Large Size:Cut out size required in boat 283mm x 530mm Full outside flange area 353mm x 606mm. (11509)

Extra Large : Cut Out size required in boat 445 x 390mm   Full Outside Flange  510mm x 460mm (11510)