Heavy Duty Exhaust Waterlock


 Heavy Duty Exhaust Waterlock

Vetus Heavy Duty composite material is heat resistant up to 260 ° C. - The safe choice in case of cooling failure.

The NLP water lock design is well known for its silencing features, versatile installation options, and extremely low back pressure.

Thermal resistance to deformation under pressure is 250 ° C; almost double that of standard GRP materials.

The watertrap muffler will lower the noise coming out the exhaust by up to 50%.

The same goes for tensile and flexural strength!

For those concerned by weight, there is good news as well.
All these benefits are available at almost half the weight of the competition!

Easily and quickly installed in any situation.

    • 360º rotating bodies.

    • Rotating hose connections, provide infinite connection possibilities.

    • Floor mount bracket and wall mount straps supplied as standard.

Maximum performance:

    • Superior noise reduction.

    •  Minimal back pressure in the exhaust system.

    • Provided with drain plugs for winter storage.

    • Available in black, large capacity also available in white.

  • Weight: 2.5 kg.

Available to suit:
  • Exhaust hose with inside diameter of 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, or 90mm.
    • 50mm ID hose uses a 4.5L water lock

    • 60mm, 75mm and 90mm use a 10L water lock.

Dimensions for 4.5L and 10L water lock are shown in images.

Diagram 1&2 shows exhaust systems with water-injection point 'C' 15cm or more above the waterline.

Diagram 3&4 shows exhaust system with water-injection point 'C' below or less than 15cm above the waterline.