Heavy Duty Hose Clamps Stainless Steel- Full Size Range (25 sizes)


Heavy duty hose clamp sometimes referred to as a mikalor though these are all stainless steel and as you can see have a solid s/s block for the clamping bolt to screw into, whereas most others are just pressed part of stainless and then wrapped over and spot welded in 3 places. Sometimes referred to as Mykalor clamps, our units have spot welds either side and a firm clutch on whatever they are clamping.  These are not the lightweight version. Sides are machine rolled on the edges to help prevent the clamp cutting into the hose itself. If necessary a simple metric bolt longer or shorter can be substituted to meet an emergency size. 

    • Heavy duty hose clamp
    • Being standard hex bolt head allows easy tightening with socket or set spanner for best results.
    • All parts are stainless steel, not just the band for strength and corrosion resistance.