Hella Endurant Cyclemaster Deep Cycle Battery



The Hella Endurant CycleMaster is a flooded technology battery specifically designed to withstand the demand of deep discharges and slow recharges. 

The internal construction includes glass mat and dual insulation deep pocket envelope separators; which protect all sides of the plate to prevent internal shorts.

High density oxide increases cycling capacity, providing reliable power.

Hella Endurant CycleMaster is the choice for the customer who demands quality and longevity in a cyclic application.

Hella Endurant Batteries - Quality, Performance and Reliability Guaranteed.

Part numbers:

21407H, 21407G, 21407I

85AH 12V case size 24 275L x 170W x 235H 19KG

105AH 12V case size 27 320L x 170W x 235H 22KG

130AH 12V case size 31 330Lx 170W x 240H 27KG