Hex Nuts - Silicon Bronze (10 sizes) UNC (imperial thread)


UNC thread to suit our bronze bolts, constructed of silicon bronze which is ideal for underwater applications.

Available in 3/16"UNC, 1/4"UNC, 5/16"UNC, 3/8"UNC, 1/2"UNC,  1/2"BSW,  5/8" (H/D)UNC, 3/4"UNC, 1"UNC.

Pse note UNC thread is essentially equal to BSW thread, BUT they do not cross over at 1/2". i.e. 1/2"bsw nut will not fit a 1/2"unc bolt,  however all other sizes overlap and will fit.  Thus we stock 1/2" BSW and UNC nuts.

If your size is not listed pse ask.