Inflatable Boat Rib Repair Kit


Inflatable boat repair kit

This is the actual glue that inflatables are assembled with, this is not a contact adhesive, it is packaged in aluminium bottles and is a two pot mix especially for PVC and Hypalon materials. Easy and quick to use, full instructions included.

    • 2 part glue for high strength bond to PVC and Hypalon Inflatables.
    • Two parts to the glue both combined will give approx. 100ml
    • 40cmx15cm PVC patch.
    • Small paint brush
    • Mixing stick
    • Gloves
  • This is a patch kit - if you have a long seam to glue (over 900mm) this glue will dry before you reach the end, thus a slower type of glue is required and is only at this stage done by the inflatable boat manufacturers - we use About inflatables in Christchurch for this type of structual repair .
This kit is a great DIY kit that suits many popular inflatable boats such as:
    • Ocean
    • Southern Pacific
    • Aakron
    • Atomix
    • Nautilus
    • Strata
    • Aquapro
    • Explorer

As easy to apply as a temporary patch up - but this one is designed to provide a permanent high quailty repair.