Iris 100 Hand Bearing Compass



Iris 100 Hand Bearing Compass

Great for small boats, trailer yachts and moored craft as a hand bearing compass, but also comes with a mounting bracket to enable you to mount on a bulk head or wall so it can be used as a steering compass when mounted and a hand bearing compass when removed. Because it can be installed at any angle and still be read...the cone shaped card on a magnetic gimbal with three mobile lubber lines remains perfectly horizontal.

Use it to take bearings,or move it to any convenient position on the boat.

Simply slide the housing onto the bracket, a smooth-edge base that won't snag sails, lines, fingers or toes.

The compass is waterproof, and it floats!

    • Weight: 25oz.

    • Configuration: Pistol grip

    • Sighting System: Dual reading card with two mobile lubber lines

    • Dimensions: 3 7/8"Dia. x 8" (200mm overall length)

    • Material: Waterproof plastic

    • Lanyard: Included