Isotherm Elegance CR115 12/24V DC Fridge



    • 83L Fridge

    • 32L Freezer icebox


    • Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 797 x 525 x 495

The Freeline 115 liters by Isotherm represents an evolution of the Elegance line, created both for the Marine & Recreational Vehicle market.

A spacious cabinet - comprised of a 83 liter fridge and a 32 liter freezer, allow for perfect travel comfort. Characterized by a  supreme cooling performance, the Freeline 115 reaches noticeable electrical efficiency.

Equipped with a modern control panel that includes ITC/Eco functions like the overcooling mode (that stores energy in food & drinks if surplus of electricity is available), it allows easy operations, such as temperature setting, internal lighting and provides by blinking code system for failure in the use.

AC/DC upgrade allows the fridge to run from 230v and batteries $254.58.

CR49,CR65,CR85,CR130 Liter models also available in the Elegance range please contact us for current availability and pricing.




FL 115
Volume (l)


Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

797 x 525 x 495

Power consumption (W/24h)

Weight (kg)