Jabsco Impeller Pump - 1" NPT


Pump Body: Bronze Pedestal
Port Size: 1" NPT, Internal Thread
Flow: Up to 27.9 GPM at 10 feet of head, 2100 RPM.
Reduced cam versions have reduced flow.
Pressure: Up to 26 PSI
Impeller: Neoprene or Nitrile
Shaft Seal: Lip Type or Mechanical Face Seal
Shaft: 5/8" Diameter Stainless Steel
Bearings: Shielded Ball Bearings


MARINE- Pump bilge, Washdowns, Circulating water in bait tanks, Utility dock-side pump, Engine cooling.

INDUSTRIAL- Circulating and transferring, Velocity mixing, Pumping machine tool coolants, Return spill, Sump drainage, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Soap, Liquors, Ink, Dyes, Alcohol, Dilute acids, Tanning Liquors, Glycerine, Brine, etc.

FARMING- Pumping water for stock, Pumping water from shallow wells and cisterns, Pumping liquid ballast into tractor tires.

PLUMBING AND HOME EMERGENCY USE- Pumping out flooded basements, Cesspools, Sumps, Water heaters and water closets, Drains and sinks, Draining fishponds and pools.