Jet Boat Bucket Lift Control mechanism with lever


Often used as a bucket lift on jet boats.

The Control System has been designed to fulfill a wide number of applications. Typical use can be throttle and gear operation, shift controls, power take off and even mixer controls on concrete trucks.

Robust construction of die cast alloy makes these controls suitable for a variety of applications.

Optional additional special cable required to suit this unit, this generally is made to suit in 1/2 metre increments, allow 2-3 business weeks for cable to be made up. (sometimes less  depending on the time of season. Quoted separately.

While the additional pictures show how the cable works inside the mechanism,  to put the cable into the control mechanism, you simply feed the inner cable in the exit (or entry) hole and wind the handle around that pulls the inner cable in. Then the outer will follow, until the hollow in the outer cable near the end aligns with the external bolt hole, at this point you can fasten the bolt through locking the outer cable in place.

If you require a cable, then measure from the outer where the bolt hole is in the control to where your bulkhead or wall where it is at the transom as indicated in the cable end photo below.  Some industrial diggers require a simple saddle hoding the outer rather than a bulkhead nut and washer -this can also be done.

Feel free to phone and discuss your particular application.

For maximum effeciency please re-grease this unit with L2 grease, or equivelent grease on routine servicing.