Jet Boat Foot throttle Pedal Engine Control Throttle


The accelerator pedal is constructed of cast aluminium and plated steel components, with bearings on all moving parts for easy operation and long life. The diamond pattern tread is specially designed for better grip. 

The Pedal hinge point is fully bushed ergonomically positioned to minimise pedal flutter induced by rough conditions, e.g. off highway, by placing the hinge point beneath the drivers heel contact line. The pedal includes built-in stops on the unit to prevent excess cable loads and provides 2" (50mm) cable stroke for a 30 pedal movement. It also incorporates a built-in return spring.

Suits Morse 33c cables which we also have in stock. Lengths start at 1.5m and go up to 10m going up in half meter increments.

(Cable not included)