Johnson Pressure Pumps (3 sizes, 12v or 24v)


 Johnson Pressure Pumps

A solid pressure pump range from Johnson of Sweden. Suits gas califonts and boats. Can be used on RV and motorhome installations.

Incorporates a pressure switch, turning the pump on and off when the tap is turned.  Thus when you turn your water tap on the pressure drops in the pump, initiating the pump to start up and will continue to run until you turn the tap off

Self-priming (so your tank can be below the level of the pump), integrated safety strainer & dry run protection.

The P11=11litres/min, P13=13 l/min, P20=20l/min. Max output pressure 41psi

Part Numbers: 14301, 14301A, 14302, 14303, 14304, 14305