Kewene Anchors


 The Kewene Galvanised Anchor is a compact and versatile anchor that hooks well onto rocky bottoms, making it a great day anchor for smaller boats. It's constructed from solid welded components for extra strength and durability.

The anchor's non-foul head is super smooth, which means that no matter what happens, your anchor chain cannot foul on it. Kewene's patented sliding shackle along the anchor's shank makes tripping and anchor retrieval much easier - switch from Safe mode or Trip mode with just a twist of the shackle. Easy! Plus, its compact design makes storage a breeze. The Kewene Anchor is a proven favourite of NZ boatsmen for years. Nothing beats a tried and tested anchor that's both durable and versatile! Sizes above #3 are approved by MOT for survey.

Kewene Galvanised Anchor Features:

  • Constructed from solid welded components
  • Non-foul head
  • Kewene patented sliding shackle along shank
  • Easily switch between Safe mode and Trip mode
  • Compact design
  • D-Shackle supplied

Available sizes: 
 Anchor Size Boat Length
1.75kg up to 3m
2kg up to 4m

up to 6M


up to 8m

8.5kg up to 10m

up to 13m