Sail Slide - Kiwi 4 sizes


Kiwi slides are normally sewn to the sail luff or can be laced through eyelets, and are actually  stronger then the sail itself. They provide 50% less friction than the luff tape when hoisting or lowering a headsail.

By using Kiwi Slides you have a captive luff at all times - same as with hanked- on sails - which allows you to load or unload one sail while the other is working, if you have a double- groove luff extension . For short- handed crew, the captive luff means easy amd safe sail- handling for single and twin sails.

Sail conversion is easier and cheaper than luff tape. More than 3,500 sails have been fitted with Kiwi Slides; ask your sail maker to use them for your next sail conversion instead of luff tape.

Sizes are:

6/40 -6mm diameter x bullet length approx 33mm.

7/50 - 7mm diameter x bullet length approx 34mm.

8/60 -8mm diameter x bullet length approx 42mm.

9/70 -9mm diameter x bullet length approx 43mm.