Lalizus Pop Up Bicolour light


The Pop-up is the ultimate in ergonomic design for boats up to 12 meters. It has been designed to be retracted by pressing it’s top when not in use and to be re-activated by pressing the top again.

This design allows freedom of movement around the deck without the fear of tripping over the light. It is equipped with a built-in switch that activates the light only when in the up position and deactivates when retracted and is therefore ideal for installation on the bow.

The Pop-up navigation light is easy to fit, supplied pre-wired and has a waterproof deck seal. The housing material is Nylon and ABS with a Plexiglas lens.

All materials are UV resistant. The light uses a 12V/5W bulb providing 5 candelas of light with a minimum visibility 2 nautical miles. All electrical contacts are Inox.