LED FlexSpot Chart/Map Light


An attractive, fully adjustable, switch operated metal spot light with a powerful cool beam, the FlexSpot Mini SpotLite and an 80mm flexible neck and is designed to provide stylish lighting in motorhomes and caravans.

The high output 1 watt LEDs used in this light offers an extremely long life, combined with low power consumption providing a vibration resistant, durable light source.

An electronic driver is integrated into the fitting and the efficient design results in safe, cool to the touch surfaces. These lights are available as a coordinated range to match any interior and are ideal for most leisure vehicle interiors, including caravans and mobile homes.

Sprung loaded recess clips mount into wall, bulkhead or roof lining.


 Wattage: 1W LED
Voltage: 10-14V dc only
Lamp: 1W white LED
Light output: >50lumens
Construction: Plated steel and aluminium