Lewmar Pro Series Horizontal Windlass


The Lewmar Pro-Series and Pro-Fish Windlass models are constructed using attractive looking polished stainless steel which is extremely resistant to corrosion.

There are two sizes the 700 or 1000 and  two models incorporating an efficient rope and chain gypsy which seamlessly launches or retrieves the anchor warp at the push of a button, other features include.

■ All stainless design                                                       ■ Automatic freefall mechanism (Pro-Fish only)

■ NEW guard optimises performance with rope       ■ NEW gypsy design for lead line applications

■ Powerful motor providing fast line speed                ■ Manual emergency recovery equipped – all you                                                                                                          need is a common 1/2" socket wrench

■ Maximum pulling power: 320kg (700 lb) for the 700 and 454kg (1,000 lb) for the 1000

■ Convenient above-deck installation                          ■ 5-year warranty

■ For boats up to 10m                                                      ■ Free Fall conversion kits

■ DIY ready

700 series suit 6-7mm shortlink chain and 12mm 3 strand rope

1000 series suit 8mm shortlink chain and 14-16mm 3 strand rope

Lewmar Windlasses come complete with


Circuit breaker and electrical contactor

Helm switch