Lifejacket Light



Lifejacket Flashing Light that is automatically activated when immersed in water.

• SOLAS Certificate

• Quick fit and easy use - Easily installed on all lifejackets with two simple moves (unlock/lock). Ready for use after installation.

• Compact size - Covers lifejackets straps completely, retains its position and stays put despite severe movement.

• Lithium Battery - It illuminates 0.75 cd for a period of over 8-hour in use. It has 5 years span of life from its manufacturing date.

• Water Activation & Manual Switches
It has three switch positions which are: WATER ACTIVATED for automatic activation when submerged in waters, MANUAL ON for continuous lighting and MANUAL OFF for storage purposes.

• Waterproof Protection - “Safelite” is made of polycarbonate and sealed with epoxy resin.