Louvred Engine Room Vents


Manufactured by Veetus.

A low profile high quality production line engine room vent constructed of aluminium anodised silver.

Each engine room requires approximately 4.3 cu m per hp per hour.

The openings of these suction vents has been designed with that in mind.

Apart from the air for combustion each engine also needs air for dissipation of heat, radiated by the engine.

The required quantity of this ventilation air is about the same as that of the combustion air but it must be allowed to leave the engine room as well.

Each has an integral dorade box.

90Hp = 670mm L x 172mm W

100Hp = 730mm L x 172mm W

125Hp = 750mm L x 198mm W

150Hp  = 890mm L x 198mm W.