Low-Profile Rule Bilge Pump 900 Gph 12v (manual or auto)


An excellent bilge pump where space is tight. Commonly used on jet boats or jet skis.

    • The outlet section can be rotated completely to allow for any angle configuration.
    • Huge 900GPH (55L per minute!) pump power to allow quick bailing even when your bilge is very wet.
    • Easy self-install design comes with standard size fitting of 1" (26mm) until July to suit straight configuration in 19mm (3/4") or 25mm (1") tubing.
    • Comes with built in backflow preventers which both increases pump life, and prevent backflow into bilge when pump is not running.
    • Built in strainer means the pump will not get jammed - even when debris is present.
    • Measurements: 6.4cm height, 18cm length, 6cm depth.

Two models available; Manual and Auto.

The manual model simply requires an on/off switch.

The auto model comes with a hydrostatic switch which has two modes:

    • Mode 1 is float mode - adjust the switch to turn on at either 1.3" or 2.5" water height, and run until the water is gone then switches off, switching on again if the water rises.
    • Mode 2 is cycling mode (great for jet skis and jet boats) - is this mode the pump turns on every 2 1/2 minutes briefly to check for water. If it is detected, the pump stays on until the water is gone. If you plan on using this mode, we would recommend also installing a dash panel for manual override.