LPG Gas Detector 12V


Key Benefits & Features:

This gas alarm have been designed to provide a safer environment where LPG is used.

The device detect leaking gas in homes and industries ect. The alarm will give you warning that the gas is present before you light a flame or accidentally create a spark.

Benefits of a gas alarm

  • Can be installed in new or existing Homes and Businesses, Motor Homes, Caravans, Campervans, Boats.

  • Detects leaking gas and sounds an alarm.

  • 1 year warranty


  • Detects gas leakage and triggers an alarm when the gas level reaches 10% of LEL (lowest explosion limit) in the air.

  • Visual and audible alarm @ 70dB or greater.

  • The LGP Alarm will only detect an LPG Gas leak

  • Power consumption: Less than 3W

  • Dimensions: 120(H)mm x 80(W)mm x 40(D)mm

  • Weight: 270gms