Lumo Beam Ultra Bright lights 9-30 volt


English made, Lumo beam ultra bright lights are suitable for spreader lights / engine room lights /cockpit or boarding platform lights. These units are a completely sealed unit so excel in harsh conditions, where a huge flood of light is required.

Flame retardant and lightweight powder-coated aluminium base casting with incredibly strong polycarbonate fascia for durability. 

The operating temperature is between -25 degrees to +38 degrees.

It is fully rated IP67 for water proof rating

Single light: 900 Lumens, 9w (max 1.1 amp) weight 180gm

Double light: 1800 Lumens, 18w (max 2.2 amp)  weight 2380gm

Size of the single: 122mm (length) x 67mm (width) x 22mm (depth)

Size of the double: 170mm (length) x 67mm (width) x 22mm (depth)