Marine Grade Electrical Tinned Wire (Single)


Marine Tinned Electrical Cable

All but the smallest size is marine standard pretinned extra flexible copper wire.

All wires are plastic coated so will not rub or smudge off against paintwork. If your wiring is to survey  standard (commercial vessels) then please ask as that requirement is double insulated and AUs standard, basically a double layer of insultation and stamped with the correct approval number.

Specifications :

Part Number              Outside Diameter              Cross Section Area (this is what the                                                                                           manufacturer will specify.

21012                            12mm                                  35mm squared

21011A                          9.6mm                                 16mm squared   

21011                             6mm                                   8mm squared

21010                             4mm                                   5mm squared

21009                             3mm                                   2mm squared

21008                             2mm                                   0.50mm squared