Hemp Manila style Poly Rope (4 sizes)


Hemp style Poly Rope

This Hemp style Poly (synthetic copy) Rope is popular with traditional boats and and on land for specific landscaping effects it is soft handling and has a "hairy look and feel" mean this rope has the authentic look of natural fibre, and yet made from modern fibres. It has no shine like most modern ropes and the whiskery look is soft yet imitates old style hemp, manila rope.

Being made from Polypropylene, hemp style gives all the aesthetic qualities of natural fibre but with the benefits of modern technology - floats, non-rot, UV resistant.

Splice-able 3 strand Polypropylene construction looks just like hemp or sisal rope.

Stocked in 8,10, 12 and 16mm with other sizes often available on request. All priced per metre.

Breaking Loads

8mm  -     480kg approx
10mm -    950kg approx
12mm  - 1360kg approx
16mm -  2500kg approx